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Gualaceo, Chordeleg, and cooking class!

Last Sunday, the day after our canyoning adventures, the whole group took a trip to Chordeleg, the capital of the Azuay province of Ecuador, and Gualaceo to go shopping! Chordeleg is known for their artesenias, especially for their silver. First we stopped at a house where they make the jewelry. It was really fun trying on all of the rings and earrings and seeing their designs. They had some really beautiful things. I bought a ring that goes on two fingers, it´s my new favorite piece of jewelry! When we went to Chordeleg and were looking at the stores, I was checking out some of the earrings, specifically the candongas, the traditional earring of the area. They are usually large and extravagant. I bought a pair!

The next stop was Gualaseo.  This city is known for shoes. It´s a good thing I can´t fit into their tiny sizes here or I would have bought the whole town! The city also a a huge market that is divided into sections. If you want refreshments: downstairs, yummy pig: upstairs, chicken or Cuy: outside, fish: outside as well. It was crazy trying to find the best pig but when we did, it was delicious! The skin is the best part too! The dish is called Hornado and it´s the pork with mote, similar to corn, and vegetables. It wasn´t so good shortly thereafter coming back up. That´s right, I got sick … again. I didn´t go to school Monday either because I was feeling sick in the morning too. Don´t worry though, I went to the doctor and got tested for parasites but nothing was found so I just hoped it would pass. By the afternoon I felt better and a few girls from the group and our coodinator Lisa went to a museum. It was about the nuns that lived there and there were a ton of different things from back in the day and it was really interesting learning about their lives there. Afterwards, we went for icecream, I bought some flowers from the market and we headed home.

Today i felt great in the morning so I headed to school and after class I had cooking class. We had soup and a dish often used here to cure a chuchaqui (´hangover´ in Kichwa). It was made with orange juice, lime juice, cooked shrimp, onions and tomato. We had it served cold but it can also be served hot as well. It wasn´t my favorite dish but was bad either. I think I´ll stick to mac ´n cheese to cure the chuchaqui though.

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  1. Hi Aurora,
    It was great to read about your latest adventures – sounds exciting!
    Glad you are able to experience so many new and interesting things. See you soon. Luv ya!

    Aunt Elaine

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