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Greenland (week 2)

So we have hit a bit of a snag here at Thule Air Base.  One of our research boat engines has began to make a not so good noise and cannot be used anymore.  So our boat is out of commission for a couple weeks until we get a new pair of engines shipped up here.  In the mean time, we have been doing whatever research we can on the birds around base and being as productive as we can without a boat.  Dr. Burnham finally arrived a few days ago with another member of our crew Jeff Johnson who is a geneticist/wildlife biologist; He is also my newly acquired roommate for the duration of our time here. I am still having a great time and just taking it all in one day at a time.  We hit some luck with a local charter boat here on base that takes people out on the ocean, and the  captain has agreed to take us 74 km to a place called Booth Sound where we will find Peregrine Falcons, Gyrfalcons, and some more Arctic Terns to sample and observe.  We plan to be away for a week and half  to two weeks in the field.  We will be camping out in tents and hiking around the area to find nesting sites.  This is going to very exciting!  We are starting the preparation and going through our lists of things to bring like food, gear, etc.  As long as the weather holds up we plan to leave Wednesday morning.  This means that I won’t be able to update my blog or anything for some time.  But when I come back I will have lots to talk about and photos to share. Thats it for now.

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