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The Best and Worst of Ecuador …

So I have had quite an interesting weekend … I ended up not going to the party because it was changed to a different day and I’ll be in the jungle when it happens so no party for me. Oh well, I’m not heart-broken, I would have been the only gringa there anyways. Instead, I met a friend of mi amigo Franklin. His friend’s name is Jose. Jose has a motorcycle 🙂 I went for a ride with Jose and we were going to a park to hang out and we were on a large street, not breaking any laws (except the helmet one) when all of a sudden we get pulled over. I stayed on the bike but Jose went and talked to the officer after he took our IDs. Later, I asked Jose why they did that and it’s because I am a gringa. They wanted to make sure I was legal and had documentation. That god for my CEDEI ID. If I didn’t have that I’d be in jail, or broke. If I didn’t have my ID, the police would have wanted me to pay them off. They are very corrupt here. Most of them are. My Ecuadorian mom was in the police though and she’s wonderful so it’s not everyone … then again, she was a secretary and not out on the streets. Now I’m not trying to give Ecuador a bad rep because the country is very beautiful and I love it here, but the government has got to go.

On to less triste things. On Saturday, the group went to see a waterfall. There were two where we were, well, the same water but two spots where it falls. The group was hiking to the top one, a 2 hour hike all the way up a mountain. I had a really hard time and only walked up a little ways but just couldn’t do it. My heart was pounding so hard it was painful and I couldn’t stop coughing (yes I still cough from when i was sick) and the altitude didn’t help either. So the group went ahead while I went back down with one of the ladies that works at CEDEI, Mayra. We decided to go to the other waterfall which is only 10 minutes uphill and has stairs so it was much easier. After we saw it we had two options, go back down the stairs or trek through lots of nature on a muddy path with only a few handrails. Of course we chose the latter and it was sooo much fun! during our walk we pretended that there were Nazi Germans following us and that they wanted to kill us so we were checking for snipers and making animal noised because of course they have microphones disguised as plants and the mushrooms were bombs and we had to be very quiet and careful not to touch any of the bombs. We made it through but at the very end of our hike we had to climb up a mountain just a little bit so we were at the bottom about to commence the last leg of our excursion when i saw 2 people at the top. We pretended they were Germans so we prepared for battle. tehn we walked up, said hi and went on our way to the main building. It was absolutely perfect because when we got back, we found out that the German’s won the soccer game. Yes, I’m sure we had more fun than the other group and yes, there is video.

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  1. Hi Aurora,

    I’ve taken over Uncle Bill’s computer just so I can send you a note. Sounds like you’re having a great time and learning a lot about the culture and people of Equador. Didn’t know there were so many Germans in Equador :).

    Unle Bill and I are on vacation in Wisconsin and just put Ainsley to bed a few minutes ago. I’m sure she would love to be with you. Enjoy the rest of your summer and keep writing. You’re very entertaining!

    Aunt Peg

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