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Cooking, Dancing, Playing, my three favorite things …


I am currently nomming on a granny smith apple from Chile! Too bad it isn’t the local stuff. 🙁 There has been so much that has happened and I’m sorry I haven’t gotten around to blogging about it. First on the very long list I’ve compiled, Cooking class. It was during lunch one day in the kitchen of CEDEI and we made a very delicious meal, Churrasco. I have the recipe so I can make it when I get home 😀 It was steak with rice and veggies, a fried egg and homemade French fries! Mom, you better give up being vegan for a day so I can cook for you.

Ok, for the next item on my list, the discotecas. Going to these is one of my favorite weekend activities because I love dancing. There is one, Zo, that is kind of the home plate for all the girls that go out. It’s a lot of techno but there’s some reggaetone too and there’s a platform to dance on and a loft area with couches to relax a bit after working up a sweat. It’s my favorite. We also found La Mesa which is all salsa. It’s a lot of fun too but unfortunately we won’t be learning salsa for a couple more weeks.

This part I have to tell on my friend’s behalf because she doesn’t go to Augie. My neighbor, Anna, another student at CEDEI was walking home one day without me because I had a meeting or something. She told me later that when she was walking, the saw a HUGE spider. Huge by my standards is anything bigger than the width of my thumb, huge by hers is about the size of her fist. So either way, this spider was gigantic and she just stopped in her tracks and kind of followed it a little bit because it was crawling away from her and she wanted to see it. The locals probably knew that us gringas never really see spiders that big so they just laughed and kept walking. I would have run away, possibly screaming. I hate spiders. It’s a good thing I wasn’t with her.

Moving on in my list… Do any of you believe in leprechauns? I do not. Here there are called Duendes and Anna’s family believes in them. Lots of people here do. I tried to ask my family but I couldn’t remember what they were called so I had my dictionary out and was trying to play Charades to tell them that it has a pointy hat and is really short, has a pot of gold and lives at the end of a rainbow. Instead of getting across what a leprechaun was, it just looked like I was doing an interpretive dance with no music. Slightly embarrassing but hey, it’s a story to tell the grandkids…

Anna spend a good amount of time “doing homework” in the park. We always end up sunbathing and people watching. Yes we sound like creepers, no we don’t care. In Joliet, my city in the states, people don’t just throw a team together and play soccer in the park. There are so many people there it’s just fun to go and sit and watch. It’s relaxing to hear children playing on the slide on to hear the men arguing over soccer or volleyball. There’s this one dog that lives in one of the houses in the neighborhood and he’s a golden retriever and soooo cute! He will just walk around the park and stand in the middle of the soccer field, while a game is going on and just stand there. The little kids play on him, he’s very tame. I even pet him a couple times!

Last weekend was the cultural mapping trip to Principal in which we were to go on our own on busses to the village wayyy up in the mountains. However Anna and I couldn’t go. We ate something bad and were sick all weekend. 🙁 We’re thinking about just going on our own one day on the busses, not to Principal but maybe to Chordeleg, where they are famous for their jewelry.

I think that’s everything that has happened so far. Mom, I tell you everything so if there’s something I’ve forgotten let me know… tonight, I have a graduation party to go to. My new friend here, Franklin, invited me. I’m nervous because I’ll probably be the only gringa there and I don’t know any of his friends. Today I’m getting my hair colored back to my natural hair color, dark brown, because it doesn’t look good enough for an actual party. For a discoteca where I don’t care it’s fine but for anything more, no, just no.

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  1. Hola – hey it’s good to hear from you again. It’s like waiting for another chapter and the author is publishing them fast enought 🙂

    Did you post a picture – if so, was it of the spider?

    Happy 4th!

  2. I think you covered everything so far. Family would like to know how your studies are coming along? Is your Spanish getting any better? We know you can dance, cook. I’ll consider going non-raw for one meal because the food sounds so delious.

    On another note, as today is America’s Day of Independence, I was wondering how you are going to celebrate? This could be another chapter to the continuing saga in the Adventures of Aurora, American Student. Too lame? Love you much.

  3. Hey! I’m not doing anything special for the fourth. It’s just another day down here. Tell you what, I’ll go to the bar tonight and celebrate. Sound good? I’m posting again soon, maybe even tonight! My classes are going well and Anna says that she can tell that my Spanish is improving so I guess it is … It’s probably because I don’t think about it so much anymore, I don’t care too much if I mess up. They can’t understand me really either way. Oh! btw … The next “chapter” will be exciting, I promise.

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