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What’s happening so far in Greenland (Week 1)

Me with an Atlantic Puffin

So I have been here for almost a week and we have been super busy! I may not post anything for days at a time because when there is good weather we work almost all day…I mean what else would we do with 24 hours of daylight? For the last few days I have been going out on day trips to various islands and locations with different bird colonies to collect data for my project. So far I have had the chance to get up close and personal with Arctic Puffins, Black Legged Kittywakes, Common Eider Ducks, Long-Tailed Ducks, Arctic Terns, Black Guillemots, and Glaucous Gulls. What we do when we collect data is we first capture the birds using different types of nets, which can be difficult to do at times because most birds are very agile and hard to catch. Once we net one, we start collecting data. We record down the species name, the sex of the bird, the beak, wing,tarsus lengths, weight, and the band number we put on the leg. After that we take blood and feather samples to test for contaminants and avian influenza.  This has all been quite an experience so far and I have seen so many things that most people don’t get the chance to see.  I am having a great time and will update my blog whenever I get the chance.  Thats it for now because I have work to do…go figure!

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