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so my host brother, fernando, works for the government in cuenca, and the first week here he told me if the president of Ecuador was ever in town I would have the opportunity to meet him! that opportunity came yesterday! i was sitting in parque calderon taking in the sun and eating ice cream and cake with sam and jessica. my brother then called me asking where i was. he came out of the gobernacion building where he works (which is right next to the parque) and told us the president was coming in this afternoon and we could all meet him! we went to the Corte (the court) building to await his arrival! the building was absolutely gorgeous, and it used to be the first university of cuenca. we saw the auditorium with all the chairs set up on the stage for the president and other important officials. flags from all the south american countries were also on the stage. we watched tons of security guards come in wearing headsets and ear pieces and some had dogs that were there to sniff out bombs. there were also a lot of police outside of the building. thanks to fernando we were the only people who didn´t have an affiliation with the government that got to go inside! then Rafael Correa-the president of Ecuador arrived!! he was on the balcony above us and waved! then he came downstairs and walked right in front of us. we were seriously 6 feet away from him!! then he looked directly at us and said hola! it was so chevere!! (cool!) then we watched from outside the glass windows of the auditorium as they sang the ecuadorian national anthem and began the address.

i still can´t believe this actually happened!! every day in ecuador is just full of exciting surprises!! now i´m off to cooking class! hopefully i learn something because my host family loves to make fun of me that i only know how to make pb and j sandwiches. im going to make them pb and j on toast one night for dinner hahaha. ¡Hasta luego!

con amor,

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