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La gente …

Hola! Wow it’s been a while since I’ve blogged! Where to begin …

Every day here is a new adventure. There are always new things to discover in Cuenca. The markets are by far my favorite 🙂 I can’t help myself, I love shopping. I convinced my teachers to take me on field trips last week to “practice my Spanish with the people” and we went to the flower market and to Casa de la Mujer. The Casa is a building with two floors full of little stores where people sell what they’ve make. There’s a tons of art, ceramics, traditional dress, and jewelery. A lot of the jewelery-makers work on things through the day so you see how they make everything. It’s so cool there. I’ve also been to a couple discotecas here. Well, one discoteca a couple of times and it is so much fun! I love dancing! The dancing here is different though. We have to watch what we do sometimes because here noone dances close like in the States. If you dance close to someone here, it’s suggestive and you basically give him permission to go in for a kiss … though some of them don’t even ask for permission, but those are the “tiburones” and we stay away from them. Speaking of dancing, last Friday we had a dance class and it was a lot of fun! We learned Bachata. Today we have a class for ceramics and we had that everyday until Thursday. Last weekend we went to the Cajas. That is a national park with a ton of mountains and lagoons. We had quite the workout that day! a few of us stepped in really deep mud  and get dirty but we survived the day. A lot of people that go to Cajas for fishing or just on their own get lost and end up dying because it’s so cold. Anyways, on to more positive topics 🙂 I absolutely love this country. It’s so wonderful because the people here actually do work. They make things and sell them to earn a living. They aren’t so caught up in the drama like everyone seems to be in the states. People here don’t have whole conversations about what celebrity wore what to a party or who’s hooking up with who. They talk about things that matter, like the corruption of the government, the way the new water privatization law will effect the indigenous people, how family members are doing and if anyone is sick. I love that they value everything they have when we take it for granted. I’ve never appreciated being able to live in a beautiful house and have food on the table and clean clothes to wear like I do now after seeing so many people with none of that. Ecuador is considered a “third world” country but I don’t see it as that at all. I see Ecuador as a country full of people who try their best and do everything they can to support their families, I see hard workers who appreciate what they earn, I see people who aren’t quick to buy things that they don’t need or waste money on frivolous items that will ultimately not bring them any joy. I see a country that I would someday love to visit again, maybe even stay for a while.

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  1. Hi Aurora, Sounds like a great time shopping beaching and all have a great time but be careful love you aunt carole

  2. Hi Aurora, Glad to hear that you are enjoying your visit. Can’t wait to see what you got when you were shopping. Miss ya-see ya soon. Luv, Aunt Elaine

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