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Bags are packed…ready to go?

So it is finally here, the big night before departure post! Like most Vietnam Term students I am oscilating back and forth between nervous and excited. I have checked my bag for the third time now, even re-weighed and remeasured to make sure I was within in restrictions. So, am I prepared? Technically – yes, reallistically – no. I am well packed, carrying more than enough clothes, and two bandaids short of a full pharmacy. I have read and done research. My iPod is charged, and I’ve got enough leisure readings and comedy central to last me the 20+ hours it takes to get there. I did however, manage to procrastinate myself into a killer mound of homework that had to be finished before departure. This meant getting up early and working my brain to the point of incoherence. Finally the work got done, but it left little time to mentally prepare.

But that begs the question is there a way for anyone to mentally prepare for such a thing? I doubt it. I am a control freak, I like schedules and check lists. So this trip is going to be a big lesson in letting go and just enjoying the ride. But I am really looking forward to it. I have all the tools I need, now I just need to get there and get going. I know there are a ton of beatiful, amazing and historic sights awaiting me in the month ahead. I look forward to the challenges and ultimately know I will be walking away with the experience of a lifetime.

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