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Corpus Christi Festival!

the celebration of corpus christi has been going on all week this week in cuenca! i went to this festival the other night with my host brother, and it was so much fun! they have these huge castillos which are tall towers made of a type of wood and they are painted. they have windmills on the side and at 9 pm these windmills start spewing out sparks and fireworks. it is so pretty, but dangerous if you are standing too close because the sparks start shooting all over the place! they also light these globos (ballons)on fire and let them go up into the air so there are glowing balls of light up in the sky. there were stands upon stands of people selling all kinds of delicious dulces (sweets) and my host brother bought us some delicious cookies. there were also people walking around in Barney costumes selling ballon animals which was interesting. there was a mime, guys dressed up as women, people selling jewelry and crafts, people selling light up toys and toy birds that were flying around and hitting people. it was super crowded in parque calderon where the festival was being held, but it was so interesting to just take everything in. we also went into the new catedral (cathedral)while a mass was going on, and this cathedral is modeled after a church in italy, and it was gorgeous. it was definitely one of the best nights so far in cuenca despite the rain at the end. the weather is super unpredictable here, but other than that everything is wonderful, and i´m loving life in cuenca!!

con amor siempre,

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