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A day in the life …

Hello again!

Today is my second day of classes and I finally got my schedule down. I’m only taking two classes: language and grammar. Yesterday, my friend Anna and I were walking home from school and we got so lost! It took us about and hour to get home when usually it’s only a 20 minute walk. There are only two seasons here: wet and dry. Right now it’s dry season, though it does rain fairly often. In the morning I get up at 6:30 and get ready, breakfast is at 7 and it’s usually light. Then at 7:30 I leave for school with Anna. Then we have our first class, a 30 minute break, and our second class. The classes are 2 hours long so we get out at 12:30. Then everyone goes home for lunch. Lunch is the most important meal of the day here, the whole family gets together. At my house, besides myself and Mami and Ñuña, we have aunts, cousins, and Abuelita over. Then I get to have my siesta (that’s the best part of the day). At 3:30 everyone comes back to school if there are afternoon activities planned, but that isn’t everyday. After that, I have the afternoon all to myself, dinner isn’t until 8 in our house because Ñuña has school late.everyday Anna and I walk 20 minutes to class and 20 minutes back home, twice a day. It’s longer if we take detours. We are going to lose so much weight this Summer between all the walking and healthy foods. We just have to make sure we don’t go crazy with all the delicious helado.

Until next time, hasta luego!

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  1. I’m assuming helado is aka Whitey’s here!

  2. Yes, but sooooo much better 😀

  3. Glad to hear that you are doing well and enjoying your experience.
    Just headed home today – staying overnight in PA; s/b in Htfd by 2pm tomorrow 🙂 Miss talking to you…

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