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Goodbye Augustana!

Well here I am, two days before my long-awaited departure to Vietnam! I really don’t know how I am feeling right now. It almost feels unreal that in under 72 hours I will be in Ho Chi Minh City with the rest of my class. When I think about the trip itself I am extremely excited to embark on this journey. Although I have traveled internationally in the past, I have never done anything as extreme as ship off to Vietnam. Here I will be in a land where I don’t speak the language, am iffy about the food, and have minimal knowledge of the culture. The strange part is, I can’t wait! I thought I would be nervous and extremely scared to leave, but the only anxiety I am feeling right now is whether or not I will be able to keep my luggage under the maximum 40-pound requirement. I am sure that by Saturday morning I will be an anxious mess, but until then I am just enjoying my last two days in the United States and trying to prepare myself for my upcoming adventure!

I don’t know how many times in the past week I have googled Vietnam on the Internet, searched for our hotels, and looked at sneak peaks of all the sites we will visit. Everything looks to beautiful and unique and full of history! I can’t wait to see these places in person and link them to the information we have learned from class. But before I do that I guess I have to pack and prepare to head to O’Hare in just a little over 36 hours.

The next time you hear from me I will (hopefully) be writing from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam! Wish me luck!

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