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So Long U.S.A.

So take off is less than two days away, and I have never thought it was possible to have this many emotions at once.  I am nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time… but I am thinking that this may be a pretty normal reaction to international travel.

I have never flown internationally before… unless you count going to Canada… so the long flight is making me a bit nervous.  But other than that, I am so excited to be going to such an exotic and interesting country.  I cannot wait to find out what it is that I am going to see there.  I have looked online at different attractions all over the country, and everything looks so breath-takingly beautiful, I am so excited to see all of these things in person.

All in all, I am getting pretty excited.  But now I need to start packing!  Bon Voyage, I will talk to you all next from Ho Chi Minh City!

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