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slap happy dehydration

hello readers! First of all I want to thank all of you for your lovely comments on my blog…getting them really brightens my day (even though is pretty bright here already) Anyways, down to business.  This is my third week in Accra and it feels much longer.  By now I feel used to the the surrounding areas, blistering heat, intense bargaining tactics of venders and the difference between American time and Ghanain time (Ghanain time is much slower…for example we usually wait atleast 60-90 minutes when ordering food)

Speaking of food, I sure wish I could eat some.  Since last night around 1am, I’ve been extremely sick and dehydrated (it proves difficult to keep water down when your body rejects virtually everything).  The kicker in this scenario is that my roommate, Lara , is also very sick.  We both spent all  of last night laying awake and taking turns making a dash for the bathroom…to summarize it was a lovely bonding experience.  Although I still feel pretty ill at this point, I can feel my body slowly recovering.  During my recovery time, I have had countless minutes and hours to reflect on being sick here.  While it is not the most pleasant experience, my unfortunate situation makes me realize how much I take my health for granted back in the US.  I am so lucky to come from a home where if I get sick I can go to the doctor the same day and get medicine to alleviate my illness.  If the people here get sick, they either have to tough it out without medication or go to the non-airconditioned hospital and wait a lengthly amount of time to be treated.  Bottom line folks, we should be grateful everyday for our health and favorable situations.

Other than being sick, I am still enjoying my time here immensely.  Last friday, we got to visit a school for children age 2 to around 12.  They put on a lovely program for us that including singing, drums, dancing and adorable monologues and acting by some of the children.  After they were done, we all formed a giant circle and learned some African dance moves (I’m quite good).  After our crazy dancing circle, we got to interact with the children.  I have never had more fun being treated as a personal jungle gym by a bunch of kids. Hahaha anyways I’m feeling a little sick so I think I’m going to cut this blog short…I promise Ill try and add picures soon!

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  1. Feel better Jessie!!

    p.s.- I love reading your blog!!! 🙂 Yayy!

  2. Oh my goodness I had this exact experience and remember thinking, what is happening to me?! It’s hard to remember to drink water all the time when there are so many things keeping you busy.
    I did the Ghana program in ’06 and honestly it’s worth the dehydration… though I would never wish that feeling on anyone, haha.
    Hope you never have to experience that again and ENJOY the amazing opportunity you have!!
    -Trina, Augie Alum ’07

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