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New Zealand and Home

I am finally back in the States, and let me tell you it was one eventful week.  There were six of us that spent our spring break in New Zealand, and it was amazing.  When we walked out of the airport you can see all of the mountains surrounding, almost like it was make-believe.  We stayed in Christchurch for one night, (which was an adventure itself) but our main destination was Queenstown — the adventure capital.

Queenstown is known for all of its outdoor activities (hiking, biking, skiing, four-wheel driving, etc.) but one of the most famous parts is the bungee-jumping.  This town had the original location of the first bungee jump in the world.  Well, four of us (including me) decided to take up this acitivity and experience the original jump!  That’s right, I bungee jumped.  It was .. literally .. breathtaking.  Of course looking over the ledge before I jumped was the part that was most nerve-racking, but it was definitely worth it.  We jumped off a suspended bridge that went towards the water.  At least it was not rocks, that would have been scarier.  We even had the option of having our bodies dip into the water as part of the jump.  Mine was unsuccessful in that regard, but Britta did!  A great experience to say that I have done.

Other activities we have done include hiking to the top of a mountain (half of us in sandals, it was pretty much spur of the moment), mountain biking, Lord of the Rings tour (since most of the scenes in those movies were in New Zealand), riding up the gondola and luging down a ways, and restaurant hopping.  Very fun and I would recommend New Zealand to anyone.  By the way, I’ve had one of the best burgers I’ve ever had at this restaurant called FergBurger.

After the last days in Australia, I knew it was about time to go home.  The plane ride was not that bad (total just over 15 hours) but I kept myself occupied with lots of movies.  And now, after some time back in my hometown, I am back here at Augie.

The term starts tomorrow, and I hope I’m ready for it.  Class wise I am, but it’s a little different thinking that it’s my last term on campus.  All of my activities will be starting, but ending before I know it.  In the meantime, I will continue to be looking for jobs/careers within my field so I can look forward to the next step in my life.

Overall it’s been a great experience professionally and personally (remember I DID have an internship), and I would for sure do this experience again.  Lots of new friends, new stories, more experience in my field, and basically a once-in-a-lifetime oppourtinity to see Australia like that.  Thanks for reading!

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