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Manly and Bronte Beach

I was looking forward to this weekend after yet another work week at my internship.  This weekend was basically a free one, so that meant that I was able to go to some beaches and just sit there.  Actually, some people lay down.

I am one of those guys that would love to play in the waves of the ocean.  It was hilarious because the waves were large.  At Manly, which is one of the bigger beaches in Sydney, it was a bit cloudy but still worth going.  I laughed out loud all of the time while I was being thrown around in the air while in the water. 

Bronte Beach was on Saturday.  I went to Paddy’s Market and The Rocks Markets beforehand with Jeff, but then we both went to Bronte with some others from our group.  Now, I thought that Manly had large waves, but Bronte was a whole new experience.  Again, I was laughing as I was walking towards the water, but soon realized this was pretty intense.  These waves were extremely powerful and had a dangerous current in there.  Luckily I’m a decent swimmer, otherwise I’m not sure if I could have handled it all of the time.  It was still really fun, but we should probably go back when it’s not that intense.  That, and I was already a bit sunburnt–I should go back when I’m not as burnt.

Yesterday a small group went to watch Movie Extra’s Short Film Festival in Sydney.  It is the world’s largest short film festival.  There was a ton of people, a hot day, but it was good short movies to watch.  Some celebrities were there, like Elijah Wood and the mom from The Sixth Sense (and Little Miss Sunshine) … I forgot her name… sorry

My last day of my internship is approaching, which means that Spring Break is beginning soon!  I’m going to New Zealand with five other people, and I am going to assume there will be a lot of hiking and care-free attitudes.  Fine by me.  We will be stopping in Christchurch, then traveling to Queenstown for few nights.  I’ll try to keep you all updated anyway!

Have a good Spring Break Augustana, and I hope finals went well.

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  1. Sounds like a fun, relaxing weekend. Make the most of your last week of internship and hope you Spring Break in New Zealand is all you hope for.

    I’m with Tim’s dad….I don’t remember college being this fun!!!

    Love you ~~

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