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The Weekend at the Great Barrier Reef

Well it is safe to say that I officially have scuba-dived at the Great Barrier Reef.  Only five of us went during this time since it fit best with our schedules, but it was good to keep the group small for something like this sometimes.  We were only there for Friday and Saturday, and came back to Sydney on Monday.  After getting there six hours before we could check in, we found this nice looking pool in which we sat for a while.  We stayed at a hostel which was apparently the hot spot of Cairns.  Had we known that before … well we probably wouldn’t have changed our place.

The Reef was pretty amazing.  It was a little cloudy (but warm) when we went, so some of the colors were not showing as much—but that’s okay.  We only could dive one time, because of the fact that we had to ride a plane the next morning, but we snorkeled for the rest of the time the boat was out.  We used a company called Tusa5 Dive Boat – which is pretty much the top of the line.  It’s one of the faster boats in Cairns, and uses radar technology to look to see which sites are best to see everything, and judge where to go from there.  Since it’s fast, they can do that – while other boats could not pull it off that easily.

The first night we stayed at hostel resort to check out the nightlife, it was good, but Saturday we roamed around and explored a bit.  It seems like we were already getting used to Cairns, but it went by fast.  If we had more time, we definitely could find more things to do; it would be more of a week visit.  But all in all we dove at the Great Barrier Reef and had fun.  There were a few problems along the way, but it was definitely worth the experience.  We had a lot of laughs, which to me is the factor that makes a great night or weekend.

Today there was a group of us that took off their internships for the day to watch the Super Bowl LIVE.  Yes it was about 10am Monday Morning.  And yes I am making up that missed day on Friday (since we are supposed to work four days of the week).  It was good to see the Saints win for the first time, but I’ll still say I’m more of a Colts fan of the two.

The weeks are winding down.  It seems real strange that I am leaving Sydney in about 3 ½ weeks.  It will be somewhat difficult to get back in the school mode, (and the colder weather), but I shouldn’t even be thinking about all of that now.  Things I’m involved with are winding down for the school term, which is also weird that I am not a part of it—like my reign as Co-Programmer for RHA, trombone in concert band, The Augustana Accounting Association Vice-President, among other things, but for now I will just continue to put all that in the back of my mind!

In other news, I still need to see a platypus.  I feel like it will be within the next few weekends.

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  1. Wow. What an amazing experience ~ your pictures are great. Thanks so much for your blogs!! Enjoy every minute you have left in beautiful Australia. Can’t wait to hear about the performance at the Sydney Opera House this weekend.

    I don’t mind telling you ~ your family (which also includes your dogs, cats and Mildred) is counting down the days until you get home (20). Keep working hard and have fun~~
    We love you ~

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