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Surf Camp and Edinburg Military Tattoo

This weekend we went to surf camp and it was pretty amazing! We arrived to the campsite at midnight and weren’t sure if we were going to end up staying in a tent or cabin. But we ended up staying in a cabin which housed about 30 people. That night we went down to beach, and it was first time I had seen a beach at night in person and it was pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The beach itself had a little peninsula of rocks that jutted out into the ocean which separated the beach into north and south beaches. We were anxious to get into the water but were quickly told that sharks feed at night so we stayed away! Surfing itself was pretty difficult, at some people got it right away, and others such as myself had to work at it a little longer! However, by the second day we had some really nasty waves because the storm was coming in and I’m happy to say I got up!

Last night we went to the Edinburg Military Tattoo at Sydney Football Stadium. It was pretty cool, there were many military bands there from all over the world. The highlight of course was the band of bagpipes. Another cool part of that was the fact that they had a castle built on one side of the stadium. But the castle looked very real, like the ones you see in Europe for the medieval era. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, we were pretty disappointed in the American military band, since everyone else came up with funny, creative performances. America was very traditional, with costumes and music from the colonial era. Trinidad had the only steel military band in the country so that music was cool. Also, they did the lowest limboing I’ve ever seen in my entire life AND as if that isn’t amazing enough their stick was on fire. Norway was freakishly in sync with each other. So United States military band could’ve stepped it up a little bit!

Well we only have 4 weeks left down under, so we’re trying to get everything else we can see in, but time and more importantly, MONEY is running out!

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