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Australia Day to Surfing, what more can we ask for?

G’day from Sydney, I found some time to update.

A few friends and I recently went to the Sydney Aquarium and the Sydney Wildlife World since one of us works for OceanWorld Manly … and had us as guests to explore some of the other places the same company owns.  It was good to see some more kangaroos, exotic fish, koalas, and more animals, but I did not see any platypus!  The exhibit was under maintenance or something.  Some day, platypus, I will see you while in Australia.  It was a good time though, it was also the first time we really explored Darling Harbour.

This last week was Australia Day!  It’s the celebration of being an Australian–so of course some of us got a little decked out wearing Aussie gear.  It’s like the 4th of July .. only about 20 times larger.  My friends and I went to explore The Rocks (historic district, also where my internship is near).  They had a bunch of activities and music and good meal deals and such like that.  It was also located near Circular Quay, which is the transportation hub of Sydney (near the Opera House, in Sydney Harbour).  Then, towards the evening we went on a ferry to Darling Harbour to watch the fireworks.  Now, we had some expectations since it got hyped to be pretty good fireworks, and they were right.  They were great.  I’m used to some good fireworks in good ‘ole Streator, IL .. but this was something different.  In a good way.

During the weekend, it was the first of many “bigger events” for me, as a group of 15 or so went with Mojo’s Surf Camp to learn how to surf!  While the transportation was long (7 hours), the beach was amazing and the waves were good for beginners.  It was definitely an experience, no air conditioning, all of us and other foreigners were in the same room (like 20 beds), limited resources and clothing, etc.  Basically that care-free lifestyle we always hear about.  Anyway, on Saturday we had two sessions of beginning surfing, and I believe everybody got up on the board at least once!  So that’s good.  We had a beach party later in the evening with the campers, all around the world they came, so that was also fun.  Then, in the morning, we surfed once last time–and that was my best shot at surfing.  The waves were messy, but I finally found a rhythm.  Great experience to learn how to surf, I can say now I’ve done it, and can cross it off of my things to do.

Tonight is Trivia Night at the Porter House ( a nearby pub).  While my group does not do THAT well, we are getting better!  Partially because some of the questions are American knowledge.  That’s fine though, we don’t mind.

I always hear about the weather over there, and all of the emails about closings and ACES closing and such like that.  We just smile and think about the weather here.  Currently it’s probably around 75 degrees, partly cloudy.  It did rain here earlier…

Ah my computer is about to lose the battery, this weekend I’m going to Cairns with a group, so look for updates after!

6 Responses to “Australia Day to Surfing, what more can we ask for?”

  1. Brett,

    Love the updates and the pictures. Hope you all have a good time this weekend in Cairns. Tell your friend Tim to take lots of pictures!

    Marti Deets

  2. Brett ~ Thanks for the update!! It all sounds amazing. The whole surfing experience sounds like a blast. Keep the blogs and pics coming~~ can’t wait to hear about next weekend in Cairns. All our love ~ Mom and Dad

  3. Brett, It sounds like you are having a great time. The pictures are great. Cant wait to hear all about yor trip when you get back to Streator. Take care Tony and Vicki

  4. Ugh..I’m so jealous you went surfing!

  5. Brett, Everything sounds wonderful. Surfing is something I’ve never done. I am most interested in the Platypus, I would love to see one of those. How many egg laying mammals does one get to see. Thanks for the pictures and we love you. Ma and Pa.

  6. Bretty,

    So excited your are loving everything! Soak it in! This will be one of those times your talk about forever 🙂

    Be safe and say your prayers!

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