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Sydney has a Palm Beach

Another week gone by in Sydney.  Our internships are well under-way as it is the beginning of our third week with them.  To me it seems like it’s going by fast, we only have about 5 weeks left before the Spring Break.  Speaking of Spring Break, I’ve made up many plans within these next few weekends…my weekends now are all busy.

On Friday, a small group of us went to Palm Beach, which is in the extreme north part of Sydney.  It was literally about a 2.5 hour commute to the beach, but we finally got there.  It was quite different than the ones we normally go to–this one was a residential beach.  Not many tourists know about it, so there were a lot of families around, and a few surfers, too.  It was good seeing other beaches that many people to not go to, and in a residential area with no shops or food or anything like that.  Of course me and Tim were craving Fish and Chips, but we couldn’t find one.  It turns out that we went TOO far up north, our bus passes would not work in this area, luckily the bus driver said it was okay—for most of us.  One lucky person still had to pay.

My cousin Lauren lives in Australia, and this weekend was that weekend that we finally met up!  She lives in Melbourne, which is on the bottom central portion of Australia — but about 1.5 hours on the plane away.  Anyway, after some communication issues, we finally met up at a good pub near her hotel.  She met a few of my friends here on the trip, and called it a night after a few hours while the rest of us continued to stay up a little.  On Saturday morning, we went to Bondi to eat at this little cafe because she heard it was good–unfortunately when we got there it was closed down!  We found a good alternative.  We then went to the Markets in the Rocks and the Power House museum–both were good in their own way.  It was great seeing her since I don’t get the opportunity to see her that much (because she lives here), and we’ll try to make plans for future visits.

Today is a crummy day, but it got up to around 43 degrees Celsius (roughly 109 F) the other day.  Probably a little warmer than Illinois, it was almost too hot–But we were okay with it of course.  The ocean waters are still cold in the morning and afternoon, so that helps.

I register for classes very soon-weird it’s one more trimester until I graduate.  I have to make sure I know the time difference from Illinois to here so I know for sure when I can first register.

My weekends now are becoming limited because I have plans on most of them now.  This next weekend, a group is going to Surf Weekend, a chance to learn to surf for two days in a secluded beach.  It’ll have other people from other areas of the world, and a cool beach party supposedly.  It should be a good experience, nonetheless!  Other weekends include a weekend to Cairns, the Hunter Valley Wine Tasting day, along with an orchestral show in the Sydney Opera House (which our group will enjoy since we’ll be dressing nice and eating nice and such) … then New Zealand for Spring Break!  Lots of things I plan on doing and writing about in the future, whenever I have internet that is.

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  1. Awww. LOVE the pic of you and your cousin. How cool it that!!!! Your whole experience is just awesome. Glad you are working hard & learning a lot and making the most of your Australian experience. Give Lauren hugs if you meet up again. Love you~~

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