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Working Down Under

Another week down in Sydney and we’re still having so many new experiences! The bus system continues to be difficult to figure out as we explore different beaches, and other areas of Sydney. Yesterday, it took many of us a couple hours to get to Bronte Beach since we could not figure what bus actually went to Bronte Beach, and how to get to that bus from our apartments. Today we planned on going to Tamarama Beach, but had such a difficult time getting there we found ourselves at Bondi Beach again. Due to how tricky the bus system can be, I personally felt that I lucked out with getting an internship that is one 13 minute bus ride away.

My internship at Liquid Ideas has been pretty interesting so far. There is another intern from Sydney (Wollongong specifically) my age who started the day before me, so we’re learning the ropes of working for Liquid Ideas together. Liquid Ideas is a public relations firm, that mostly works with wine companies, but also does work with travel companies, hospitality companies and many more. Our job often consists of packaging wine to send to Food and Wine Journalists for them to try, and then write about. Being here is particularily interesting for me because recently I’ve decided I would like to be a food journalist so I get to see a lot of what goes on from the other side. Also, I’m still considering a career in Public Relations as well so it’s interesting to see an actual PR firm functions. Another job I had which I enjoyed doing was making profiles of golfers which will participate in the Australian Open to help with promotion of that event. We were instructed on finding basic information, but also they’re accomplishments and maybe something quirky about them that sets them apart from the rest. For instance, one golfer did not even enjoy golf when she started and played seven different sports before she went back to golf and decided, “ hey I kinda like this sport after all!” I look forward to doing some events in the future and seeing what goes into that!

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