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Festivals, Footie, and Fun

Hello again everyone, it is our second week through and now it seems like it is going by quick.  Since my last writing, the Sydney Festival began, which is basically a month long event of music, arts, and culture shows around the Sydney area.  The opening first night was a large one, with tons of people, and unique acts around Hyde Park.  A ton of different types of music and then aerial performances were happening, as well as a big band of bagpipes, among other things.

This past week we all began our internships.  Mine is at Quay West Suites, which is in the historical “Rocks” district.  It is an accounting and finance internship for this hotel, but more focused on accounting.  So far I like it because it actually gives me real world experience in the accounting field.  Previously, I’ve only had the classroom work and knowledge from Augustana, but all of that has prepared me in this internship.  I can say now that I have some experience in the field!  But so far so good, I’m curious to know what all I have in store for the next several weeks.

After some more beach visits, a guided bus tour of the suburbs of Sydney, and a few more nights around town, I feel like I’m getting more used to the bus system.  That is until today when we sort of got off track going to the library (we thought this bus would get here, but it obviously did not).  Oh well, more walking.

Last night we went to another concert of African music at the Domain with a small group, including our educational mentor.  It was a good time; it was not a traditional concert where people are wild and such, it included wine, and chips, and cheese, and things like that.  It was nice!

Today, a large group of us went to watch a game of footie (or soccer).  It’s Sydney vs. Gold Coast, of course we have to root for Sydney.  It was surprisingly close to our apartments.  Walking into the stadium we can feel the excitement all around us, with all of the hardcore fans nearby.  It was an exciting game; unfortunately Sydney did not win.  It was fun though to be able to watch sports here in Australia, although Rugby or Aussie Rules Football would be cool, too.

That’s it for now, good luck week 7 Augie students, and enjoy some of the pictures.

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  1. Great blog, Brett! I love hearing about your great experiences…sounds like a nice balance of hard work and lots of fun! Thanks for posting pictures, too!! I look forward to our next update. We love you and miss you….and are so happy for you. Love, Mom

  2. Brett, This is a great adventure for you, something you will remember all of your life. We are thinking of you every day. Thanks for the pictures I know you are having a wonderful time but I’ll be glad when you are back home. Love Ma and Pa.

  3. Thanks for the update!
    My son Taylor is with you but you give better detail!
    hope you all are enjoying this great experience!

  4. Thank you for these blogs, Brett. You are rooming with my son, Tim, so I feel like I can keep up with what he is doing through reading your posts! Sounds like you are all making the most of your experience! Have a grand time and take it all in! Marti Deets

  5. Brett – We love reading your blogs and looking at the pictures! We are SO happy for you – what a wonderful experience! Can’t wait to see you and talk after you get back. We love you –

  6. hi brother. as anyone can imagine, its not the same without my twin brother. i have started my last semester, classes are going fine. its nice to read your blogs, because you and i never really get to talk. hope your doing good, and be safe.


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