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The Beginning of Life in Sydney

Ah, we are finally here in Sydney.  A week has gone by already, but it seems like we have been here for longer than that.  Not that it is a bad thing, but we had a lot of experiences already fit into that first week.

When we got to the apartments, we quickly roamed around the area (before our guided tour 2 hours after)… and found a sushi place nearby.  Of course I had to try some.  Sydney has a strong Asian influence, which was surprising for some, but it is realistic because of the close location between Asia and Australia.  We even went to China Town in downtown Sydney and had some more Chinese cuisine.  I think they jipped some people on their drinks .. i.e. $AU13 for one glass! Hahaa

One of the many things I personally wanted to do was to see a performance in the Sydney Opera House.  On Tuesday, we went to a guided tour of the Opera House, and that just confirmed my wanting of seeing a performance.  We all learned about the history of the Opera House and the controversies behind it, how long it took to be built, and why that shape of the shells.  It is truly amazing to be inside this monumental structure and then want to see an orchestral performance that is supposed to be “acoustically perfect.”

A group of us went to several beaches already, including Coogee, Manly, and Bondi.  All three were good in their own way, and it sure beats the weather up in Illinois!  Not to rub it in or anything, but there is plenty of sun-block around.  Coogee and Manly had larger waves, but Bondi surprisingly was the most relaxing.  All three were worth going again, but Coogee is the closest.

The Blue Mountains were our next adventure.  The weather was not cooperating too well; it was extremely foggy.  The picture shows how foggy it was, but it was well worth the trip.  We stopped by the village of Leura, where many people go on vacation.  There is a great candy shop there, too.  While it was foggy we still had a great time hiking through the trees.  During that trip we also stopped by The Olympic Park and the Featherdale Wildlife Reserve, which featured a collection of the most Australian animals in the world.  Kangaroos were around, Emus, Koalas, birds and more were represented.

Now that this week is virtually over, all of our internships begin this coming week.  I am interning at Quay West Suites, which is in the historic district of “The Rocks.”  While I am looking forward to it, I am still not completely familiar with the transit system, which is the most challenging for me as of yet.  I have walked plenty around the city and the surrounding areas because of it.  At least I’m getting a good work out in.  Stay tuned for more adventures and good luck everyone as classes begin once more!

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  1. Hey Bretty, Wow, sounds like a great beginning! How has the internship gone now that it started ? I love the pictures, especially with you in them! Keep up the blog, it’s wonderful to keep up on what you’re doing!

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