The worldwide Augustana College experience

Hello from the land down under!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you’re all surviving the snowstorm back home 🙁

Arriving in Sydney was hectic and a little chaotic. After traveling for 24 hours I don’t think any of us were functioning on all cylinders. But we managed to make it to our apartments just fine. So far on the trip we’ve done a lot of walking, sight seeing, beaching, and preparing for out internships. The first week here has been absolutely incredible and we’ve already had a lot of adventures. From discovering new beaches to “getting lost” in the streets of Sydney to holding koalas and petting kangaroos-I’ve already made some incredible memories.

We start our internships on Monday. I’m definitely nervous but also ready to get into a routine here. I am interning first at the Lizard Children’s Centre. I’m a speech path major so at LCC I’ll hopefully be observing/learning as much as a I can about life in a clinical setting. The LCC also works a lot with autistic clients-an aspect of speech path I don’t know a lot about from a pratical standpoint so I am excited to see what kind of work they are doing.

Today we are all going to the First Night of the Sydney Music Festival. Think Lollapalooza but just throughout all the streets of Sydney. It’s like a day long/night long block party! So excited-especially because I love live music. Not too sure who’s playing but can’t complain because it’s a perfect day here and I’m all about learning about the “local scene”.

Well internet time is just about up! Type more soon!


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