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Sydney So Far Mates

We’ve only been in Sydney a few days, but we’ve already seen so much! Being in a different country is most weird feeling ever with a mixture of emotions. The first thing we noticed immediately when we got here were the fact that the cars were driving on opposite sides of the road. Which, believe it or not is pretty overwhelming the first couple of days remembering to look on different sides of the road. Our program coordinator Zara said we need to remember to look right left right instead of left right left. Also, I like how you feel pretty safe walking around here even though Sydney is huge. It’s not like walking around an American city of comparable size, there’s definitely a much safer feeling here.There are even some markings on crosswalks from when the Summer Olympics were in Sydney to “Look Right”. One of the things I love most about Sydney is the fact that such a diverse place, and you see that in the different restaurants that are here. There’s a bunch of Chinese, Thai and Japanese restaurants (all BETTER than the United States of course), but there are also a bunch of Turkish, Greek, Indian, and Polish restaurants. Basically any kind of cuisine one could want is here, and it’s far better than the United States with the different variety and majority of food WITHOUT preservatives! Something else that was really exciting here was the beach. We went to the second biggest beach in Sydney, and it’s in a suburb called Manly. It was huge and pretty packed, but the water was gorgeous and like a crystal blue color. I bought some 10 dollar sunglasses in one of the shops close to the beach and after getting taken under by a 7 ft wave lost them to the Pacific Ocean. But it was okay because I went back to the shop immediately and bought another 10 dollar pair! Also, we went to the Sydney Opera House, and I have to say after our tour it’s one of my favorite buildings ever. The story behind the building is really interesting about how it almost didn’t even make it to fruition. And it’s just way more amazing in real life than one can even imagine! I’d like to see a performance there before I leave, but it’s likely I won’t have any money to do so. Things are so expensive here overall, compared to home! It’s not impossible though to find a good deal, one just has to look for the deals harder (way harder) than at home. However, being here you do want to experience a lot things, and spend the money because it’s obviously a once in lifetime experience! Tomorrow we are going to hike the Blue Mountains and go to Featherdale Wildlife Park to pet koalas! Next week we start our internships, and I am excited but also kind of nervous to see what’s in store for me. So far though it’s an amazing, life changing experience, and I already feel more confident than I did before about my ability to do things on my own! A couple days ago I walked to the grocery store alone to get some food, and I was thinking to myself, “WOW, I’m going grocery shopping alone in a foreign country!” Pretty empowering stuff. Looking forward to what else the land down under has in store for me.

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  1. Thanks for the update and photos, Marissa! Just think of how empowered you will feel after two months in Australia! Glad that you enjoyed Manly and the Opera House tour! Cheers! Karen

  2. Hi Marissa,

    It sounds like you are having a great time. I am enjoying Australia through your eyes.

  3. Hi Marissa,

    Keep the blog postings coming. I enjoy reading about your experience there down under. Enjoy your time there.

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