The worldwide Augustana College experience


Sorry for not writing in a while everyone – but things are a little tense here.

To begin, Amsterdam was absolutely amazing. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met were there, and everyone spoke flawless English. You would never know that they were Dutch. I have found that the Dutch language is extremely close to German. As one person put it best, if English and German had a kid – it would be Dutch. Amsterdam was gorgeous. Architecture is unbelievable and the canals line almost every street. Like nothing I could have ever imagined…

For now though, we are all a little stressed out. We had our last projects and assignments to do, and now we are all packing to leave. Everyone’s plans are different, so I will not be doing the same things as everyone else. Yesterday was the last day of classes. We had our goodbye dinner and everyone was on the verge of tears. We had to say goodbye to our teachers, and today I say tschüss to my host family. Today I head to Berlin, then to Vienna on the 2nd, then back to Berlin on the 6th, then to London on the 7th, the back to Berlin on the 11th, then home on the 12th. Stress. One of my bags is 3 kilos over the limit, so I will need to divide up my stuff more evenly and I’ll need to wear a lot of clothes on the plane ride home. Can’t wait. I also can’t wait to see my friend in London. She is from my home town and she is also studying abroad. I won’t see her for a while longer, so this will be nice for a quick catch up.

All in all, this whole thing is bittersweet. I don’t want to go back to the states, but I am excited to see my family, dog, friends, and to drive again! The little things in life.

Much love, don’t know when I’ll be writing next/ when we’ll be seeing each other next. It shall be interesting, for sure.

Goodbye Wittenberg, I love you a lot.

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