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MEXICO CHALLENGE Day 6 (confession)

I have a confession to make and that is that I spent all of my “free time” today researching for my History project. Does that count as something cultural?

I will spend no less than one hour either visiting a cultural site or in a public place observing and people watching in an effort to better understand the interpersonal dynamics and/or culture of the Mexican people.“…

Maybe not. I honestly feel bad for not doing more today, but I’m completely wiped from searching all day and only finding one good source. Ironically, I found this source through Wikipedia. It’s called President Diaz: Hero of the Americas by James Creelman (the reporter to whom Diaz announced that he would not run for reelection). This was his report on the interview and it’s more like reading a romance novel than a journal article. Between going into great detail to describe his “deep chest” and “deep brown eyes that search your soul”, I can’t bring myself to take this unashamedly biased article seriously. Its only saving grace is that is has some really good quotes from Diaz and I’ve already filled up two pages worth to possibly use in my paper. Also, despite the unnecessary excess in description of his “shining brown eyes”, there are some helpful facts sprinkled into the article such as that he greatly extended the railroad and he had a very strict “end justifies the means” policy.

Other than doing a crazy amount of research, I had a cooking class today! We learned how to make tamales (2.5kilos of Crisco… when you mold it, that stuff really holds its shape), tortillas, and quesadillas. We made all of this food and ate it not even two hours after I had a huge lunch. Mexican food is so good… it was worth it.

I’m sorry I don’t have more to talk about right now, but I’m definitely ready to crash for the night. Tomorrow I’m going to the market and I’m on the hunt for calaberas!

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