The worldwide Augustana College experience


I think the best way to update these is the day after everything happens.

So Day One went pretty well.  I kind of failed at going to a Cultural site for an hour because I ended up waiting for my laundry for two and a half hours (I needed clean pants!). I did, however, visit Taxco and learn about the differences in the types of silver. There is alpaca, which is a cheaper replication, Silver plated (also cheaper, but not guaranteed to last) and then there’s .925 silver and above. This is Sterling Silver grade and the .925 stamp guarantees that it is at least 92.5% silver (the legal minimum). I wanted to buy out the stores, but I limited myself to a couple pairs of earrings, which I refused to buy until I purchased my gifts for other people first.

We got back to Cuernavaca at around 8pm and I thought I was done for the day… far from it! When I got back home, Mami asked us if we wanted to eat dinner. I had only had a torta for lunch several hours before, so I said yes thinking we would get quesadillas (our usual dinner this late at night).  We talked with our host-nietos (the grandkids of our host parents) and said hello to their new pet baby python (sweet!). A little while after, Mami comes out with tostadas for all of us. Tostadas are basically crunchy taco shells covered in refried beans, chicken, cheese and lettuce. They were delicious. 🙂

While we were eating, we talked some more with the grandchildren  while they colored pictures for Day of the Dead. They showed us a picture of La Catrina and taught us some Spanish trabalenguas (tounge twisters) which we completely messed up and tried to teach them some English tounge twisters (which we also messed up). I don’t remember all of the Spanish ones,(something about a triste tigre?) but Natalie wrote a few of them down.

Tonight I’m going to an orchestral concert at one of the theaters downtown! Tell you all about it tomorrow 🙂

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