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Things I Have Noticed

This is going to be a blog of observations I’ve made while in Germany. There are quite a few differences, but I realize that many of mine may not be an accurate representation of Germany as a whole, because I have only seen so much of the country and spoken with only so many people. Here they are:

In general, everyone you see on the street in Germany is dressed nicer than people in America.

There is a dramatically higher percentage of blonde people here than in America.

Germans eat A LOT of fat. My host family especially. Butter on EVERYTHING. You want Nutella on toast? You butter it first. Want ham salad on bread? Butter first. Any kind of sandwich? Butter AND mayonnaise on it, too. (Mayo also has little pieces of pickle in it. Not bad).

I myself have gained 8 pounds since being here. Maybe I’ll push ten by the time we leave. This coming from someone that exercises almost daily and trained for a triathlon over the summer. Maybe the most dramatic weight gain in my life.

Interesting counter point to the last one: My entire host family is thin. While they do eat a lot of fatty foods, do not as much in quantity. I eat a lot, but I still notice I’m eating over twice as much as everyone at dinner (probably leads to the weight gain).

Travel is dramatically more expensive ¬†than America for short distances when you’re by yourself, but traveling in groups can be dirt cheap.

Aesthetic value of large cities here can’t be measured by the skyline, but rather in the history behind the buildings. That may seem obvious, but it only hits you when you’re here in person.

German radio is 80% American music. Old and new. It’s nice to reflect on the 80s and 90s every now and then right? Let’s just say I don’t miss music from the U.S.

That’s all I can come up with off the top of my head. Maybe I’ll write later with new observations. Till then,¬†Tschuess!

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