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German Products

So. Naturally after being here awhile, one tends to run out of the essentials such as shampoo and toothpaste.

My take so far on the differences… interesting. Honestly, just about whatever we have in the states, can be found here in Germany. However, trying to get the full experience, I decided to buy the actual brand names from Germany. I naturally cannot speak for all things German (that is the equivalent of someone trying one type of crest toothpaste and saying that all toothpastes are the same, not so).

The things I’ve tried, don’t differentiate from too much from American things. It is interesting, but we are all pretty much on the same playing field. One difference though, I don’t know how many drugs Germans take. Every commercial for a new drug is followed up with: ask your physician or pharmacist. I don’t think I see too many popping tylenol or advil.

Also – when you have an upset stomach – a shot of schnapps cures the pain, and helps you sleep. My host dad makes me drink schnapps with him whenever he drinks one, which happens somewhat often, since he always eats a lot of fatty meat foods, and schnapps helps to cut through the fat. Nevertheless, I always end up drinking multiples when my host dad wants one. And so is the German life.

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  1. My host dad makes me drink schnapps.
    Oh Robert Taylor your funny

  2. It’s true, though! I had the stomach flu over in Austria once when I was 10, and my family friend Herb gave me a bottle of Johannesbeere schnapps to help me feel better. I was the happiest, drunkest 10 year old with the flu that’s ever lived. 😀

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