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Picture time!

Ok, this is for real. I’m actually posting pictures this time. I’ve got a lot to share, so bear with me. We’ll start with Peru!

Peru 027 all of girls in our groups on the tour of the mud city, Chan Chan.

Peru 039 On the beach in Trujillo. I don’t know why Jason has the Augie “A”, but it certainly spices up the picture!

Peru 058 After we planted trees in the Sacred Valley in Peru, we gave thanks to Pacha Mama

Peru 080 After waking up way too early to climb up a mountain, we made it to Machupicchu!

Peru 123 The reason we got there so early was to secure our ticket to the top of Huayna Picchu. After all of that hiking, I was glad to relax a little at the top!

Peru 122 We miss you, Kennen!

Peru 127 It’s the day after we climbed Machupiccu and Huayna Picchu and my legs are still aching from the morning before. That doesn’t stop Nichole B. and I from climbing another mountain the very next morning! May I present: the way up Putucusi

Peru 180 We got to the rainforest and Surprise! It started raining on our walk to the lodge

Peru 183 The aftermath of our walk. My clothes never did fully dry.

Peru 205 Rafting to our second lodge in Manu

Peru 250Swimming break!

Peru 367 On our way back to Cusco, we stopped on the side of the road for a lunch break. What we thought were tamales wrapped in banana leaves, turned out to be chicken and rice 🙂

Mexico 002 The city streets of Lima

Mexico 032 These are the catacombs under the cathedral in Lima. The archeologists who found the bones, arranged them in this pretty little pattern 😉

And now, Mexico!

Mexico 045 This is the alter in the front of the cathedral in Cuernavaca. Last Sunday I attended the Pan american mass and heard the mariachi band and listened to the Bishop give the lesson. I even got to shake his hand!

Mexico 073 Frida’s horse in Diego’s mural in Cortez’s Palace

Mexico 105 I’m the tiny figure sitting at the top of some steps at Teotihuacan

Mexico 149 It was very windy atop the Temple of the Sun

Mexico 186 This is a statue of Emiliano Zapata and his horse at the place where he was killed. If you look very closely, you can see the bullet holes in the wall in the background.

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  1. Just came across your blog, which has brought back a few memories of our last trip to Peru. I like your photo of the ladders up to Putucusi. My legs were like jelly by the time I reached the top. I hate heights and told Vicky that I would turn back when we could get a view of Machu Picchu – which happened to be at the very top. A memorable day.

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