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A Post of Random

So, I wrote down in my notebook awhile ago about an instance that I thought was funny. Upon re-reading it, I’ve decided to share it with all of you.

Germans are orderly people. That is simply how it is. Germans aren’t an (as I have come to know them) abruptly outspoken group of people. They don’t normally jaywalk – they will wait until the light turns green to cross the street. They don’t normally protest anything. In fact, a group of young depraved youth have been protesting here to have a place to hang out, since their’s was taken away from them for one reason or another. They are peaceful protesters and simply sit around and talk with people. The other Germans… lost it. They go crazy. Cops are on call at all times just watching them. Nothing will happen. It is not dangerous. It is simply that Germans as a whole are not a group of people to disturb how things are – they go with the flow – and thus these protesters are making people go… for a lack of a better term, apeshit. Quite hilarious from an American perspective, where everyday someone is trying to break the mold.

One person – of educated stature – states that this is the reason why he believes the Nazi Reich took over so swiftly. This may not be the reason, but it is definitely a contributing factor. No one was going to go against the grain… they simply went along with what the government told them, because that is who they are. (Mind you, saying German is a broad term… obviously not everyone is like this). Germans have even had such a bad rap as far as their history goes. They have always been down-trotted. Their course of history has made them a very inward people. Thus orderly. A true German.

Now for the actual story:

I’ve known that Germans are orderly, but never really thought about much else. Let me tell you, from being someone who has lived around dogs my whole life – considering the family business deals with dog obedience and a magazine on top… I know that dogs aren’t always on their best behavior. Not as much the case here. The dogs are calm. They don’t bust out. I understand how Germans are orderly, but how has it rubbed off on the dogs?

Dogs here are allowed in stores, restaurants, and buildings of all kinds unless, on the rare occasion, it says “no dogs allowed” on the door. People will simply leave their dogs outside and the dog won’t lash out. It will sit and wait. Even when people walk by, they sit and wait. They don’t chase things, bark, etc. Many times, the dog is never even tied up on a leash. I don’t get it.

My host family’s dog, Kola, is a larger dog, older, fluffier dog. He does get excited sometimes, and barks here or there, but on the whole, when he is told “Platz” he obeys and lays down where he is at. He is generally well behaved and doesn’t disobey a command. He generally won’t come up to the table when we are eating, and anything that’s asked of him, he’ll do.

One day, however, my host dad hast was coming home late because he had to drive his son a few states away to his university. When he wasn’t home that night, like he always is, Kola lost it. Just like the Germans with the protesters. He went pacing around, didn’t understand what was going on, and even barked up a storm. Very interesting. Something disturbed the order of things. He couldn’t handle it and he went, for a lack of a better term, apeshit.

Just like a true German – the dogs do the same.

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  1. Orderly.
    Okay so by the time you come home I will have Onyx working like a german dog.
    No more of this licking,jumping,barking, going apeshit American dog. LOL

    I really loved this story and you told it so good.
    I am a proud Mom

    Miss you a bunch

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