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Anna Dispensa Jamaica Blog #2

The second part of our trip consisted traveling to Kingston to observe in the schools as well as experience the city. On our first day at the schools, I didn’t know what to expect and was a little bit nervous. I was placed in a sixth grade classroom and despite preferring to work with younger […]

Kingston, Jamaica

Kingston was like nothing I would have imagined! The people are just always so nice and the students that I worked with were so awesome. I worked in a 6th grade classroom where the teacher put us to work the second day. The first day Ann and I observed the class and told the class […]

Jamaica Journal #2: Life in Kingston

While arriving at Kingston, I was slightly nervous because it was something totally new and I felt like we stood out like a sore thumb because of our appearance. At the resort, it didn’t truly hit me that we were in Jamaica because we were still around Americans, in a very beautiful, relaxing place, and […]

Alpha School in Kingston, Jamaica

The main event of this study abroad trip is the Alpha School. The school is split into infant, primary, alpha boys, and alpha girls. I had the opportunity to be over at the primary school for 3 days sitting in on a 4th grade classroom. As I spent my time observing how the children interacted […]


My time in Kingston has been nothing short of remarkable. Working at the Alpha Boys school truly brought me joy. Leaving will be very hard. I had the opportunity to work with boys in the 13-18 age range, with whom I got the chance to share my passion for saxophone. I worked with a group […]

Jewel Resort

Our stay at the Jewel Resort in Runaway Bay was very eye opening. What struck me most was the contrast between the resort and the surrounding areas. There were a lot of people walking on the side of the road as we drove out of the airport in Montego Bay. This was odd for me […]

Alexandra Madison February 27, 2017 Jamaica Blog Post Knutsford Hotel- Kingston, Jamaica As we we near the end of the Kingston portion of our trip, I have begun to reflect on all of the different experiences I have had while being here. My first thoughts as we drove through Kingston were ones of fright and […]

Jewel Resort

Our time at the Jewel Resort was amazing! This is my first time traveling to a different country and staying at an all inclusive resort. The atmosphere was so relaxing and carefree. Our first night there, we had dinner on the beach. There was a wide variety of food choices and endless drinks. After dinner, […]

Jewel Resort: People Watching

Much of my time in Runaway Bay was spent people watching (creepy as that may sound). ¬†It’s one of those things I find myself incapable of not doing. ¬†Whatever situation I am in, if I am doing nothing else you can bet I’m looking at the faces of those around me; you can infer a […]

Blog 1: 50% of Your Normal Consumption

The fact that we were told to reduce our alcohol consumption to 50% of what we normally consume, makes it very ironic that two of my best interactions with Jamaicans so far have been with bartenders that I have met at the Jewel Runaway Bay resort.