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Land loss and climate change on the Louisiana Gulf Coast

Geography students spent the weekend in Cocodrie, a tiny fishing village and vacation spot on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. It’s also the site of LUMCON, the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. Researchers at LUMCON are credited with discovering the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic or Dead Zone, which is a vast area the size of Massachusetts that is […]

Petrochemicals and environmental justice in Louisiana

On Wednesday, geography students took a tour of Norco with the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, a non-profit organization working with local communities impacted by the petrochemical industry between Baton Rouge and New Orleans.

Geography Gulf Coast trip

On Monday, 12 Geography majors and 2 professors began their 10-day regional field trip to the Louisiana Gulf Coast. The class will visit sites in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Cocodrie and New Orleans to learn about water management, coastal erosion, urban geography, and environmental justice in Gulf Coast communities.