The worldwide Augustana College experience

Diverse Tokyo!

Wow! What a packed day full of adventures! We started off the day at Meiji Shrine. It is an absolutely beautiful place hidden behind many lush green trees in Harajuku. Although it is in the city, the trees block out the noise, so it was very quiet and peaceful. The serene scenery was great, and […]

No Place Like Nihon

Alright so Day  1 of my Japanese adventure. This is actually my first time outside the U.S. so it’s all very exciting. I hope to upload some of the better and more relevant photos but the majority will be posted on Facebook. I hope to make the next twenty daily posts as unabridged as possible. […]


Hello Japan! I don’t even know what I should say when I’m feeling so excited. It is unbelievable to be here in Tokyo right now. Japan’s giving me a lot of first experiences. It is the first foreign country I have ever been to. On the plane ride here, it was my first time on […]