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Getting Closer to the Real Jamaica

The second stay on our Jamaican adventure was in Boston Bay at the Great Huts. This place is an adventure on its own, but the four days we have been here, I have done and experienced so many new things. The first adventure was exchanging money. One U.S. dollar is 100 Jamaican dollars so my […]

Even the Roads Have Rhythm

After leaving Runaway Bay, we moved as a group to Boston Bay, and are currently staying at The Great Huts, a series of open-air treehouses in a jungle-like setting, about three hours from the last stop. My current room has a full view of the ocean, and we’ve lived waking up to the sun and […]

Step Two: Waves

I do not know a lot about myself, as I am sure no one really does, but I do know that I love playing in waves. As a waves comes crashing at me I cannot help to make a large giggle as it crashes over my body as I let the wave crash and take […]

Day 2- Out of the caves and into the light

I began the day with short but exhausting run along the beach. Shacks lined the beach as I left the resort behind. The vendors cheered me on as I ran by. Out of breath and hungry for breakfast I enjoyed a freshly made smoothie and before I knew it we were off the the Green […]

Day 1- Welcome to JamRock

Welcome to Jamrock           A journey marked by the bleep bleep of an alarm going off at 3:30 am. It was a brisk (to say the least) 2 degrees in Rock Island, nothing compared to the -10 I had left in Minnesota a day prior. I boarded the party bus at Centennial […]

Stop One: Resort and happiness

Coming into Jamaica I was ready to be in paradise to see the beautiful beaches and to be embraced by such a unique culture. As we drove to the resort we had the opportunity to see the beautiful land and see everything around us. It was clear that a large part of the area we […]

Yeah man, no worries!

The first two nights in the all inclusive resort of Jewel Runaway Bay has been amazing! Is all inclusive really all inclusive? You bet your bottom dollar that it is! (Don’t even have to take any out of your pocket 😉 ) These days have been very relaxing and have been a blast. No worries […]

Runaway Bay: All Inclusive

The first two days in Jamaica have been a unique experience. We are currently staying at a all inclusive resort and while all of my experiences have been amazing and no worries, some have also been uncomfortable. We are currently experiencing how the good half lives, or one percent. We have been waited on hand […]

Running Away from Runnaway Bay

The last few days our group has been staying at Jewel Runaway Bay all-inclusive resort. While the beach is lovely, and the endless food and drink is nice, this is not the real Jamaica. Okay, so the people who work here are Jamaican, and they have been wonderful, but it’s terribly upsetting to sit around […]

The Jamaican Dream

Jamaica Blog Post 1 Arriving at stop one, Jewel Runaway Bay I thought that this exactly what people mean when they think Paradise. However, I am questioning which definition of paradise people mean. I see the obvious warmth, beach, and beauty of the country and its people. Though, I am thinking that other people are […]