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Jamaica Blog #2 – The Great Huts

The Great Huts was our second and most adventurous destination. After leaving the resort in Ocho Rios, we traveled east along the coast to Port Antonio on bumpy, winding, hilly and unpredictable roads. Once arriving we were given time to settle in and explore. Amanda and I wandered down to the beach where we found […]

I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing 

       This Jamaica trip couldn’t have came any faster and I hope it doesn’t end as soon as it came. After reading a couple books and learning within the classroom for five weeks I was very excited for this trip to see the culture difference and get an idea on how the Jamaicans live their […]

Jamaica Journal 2

The trek to the Boston Bay was only the beginning of our Great Huts adventure! We are still a little uneasy about the stick shift vans with the driver side on the right as well as driving on the opposite side of the road,  however none of us were prepared for the bumpy and windy […]

Adventures in Port Antonio

Yesterday I woke up underneath a bug net but with the sound of crashing waves just outside my bed. While the openness of our hut in the thick of the nature was an adjustment for most of us girls, waking up to that sound and the scenery was completely worth it. The water and sky […]

Jamaica Blog #1 – Jewel Resort

Although being at Ohare at 6am was not ideal and there was a 45 minute delay for take-off, the flight went well. Just before landing there was a stunning view of the island from the window which was extremely exciting. After waiting in line for customs and immigration, we had a little more waiting to […]

The Water Blog

Honestly, after last night’s experience at the restaurant and bar up the street, I was terrified of going to the market in Port Antonio today but thankfully my time there could not have been better. The harassing to buy things was minimal and many of the vendors didn’t bother us at all. I found some […]

Jamaica- To Trust or Not to Trust Talking to the locals has been quite an adventure. On Sunday night we went to dinner at a place called Mickey’s to get some of their famous jerk pork. The meal was fantastic, but there were many locals trying to sell us bracelets and such during our meal; […]

Jamaica-Conquering Fears Staying at the Great huts may be one of the most fascinating experiences I have ever had. I am constantly surrunded by birds, dogs, hermit crabs, big bugs, and lizards,and it is awesome! Back home, I spend the night outside once a week on a picnic table, but this is totally different than […]

Proud of My Students, Past and Present

Perhaps the two most satisfying things any teacher can experience involve learning about the successes of past students, and witnessing present students grow right before your eyes. Yesterday in Portland parish I was able to experience both. I continue to be impressed with the Augie students’ willingness to step outside their comfort zones, seek authentic […]

Jamaica: Great Huts Day 1

So since coming to the Great Huts a lot more has happened so I figured it would be good to do an extra blog. After leaving Runaway Bay, we made the trek across the north side of the island. The entire trip was very interesting and partially frightful. Everyone in our car was terrified for […]