The worldwide Augustana College experience

Crossing the Arctic Circle

June 29 And it remains for all of us, forever, to discover as though for the first time how beautiful the sunrise is, and the moon, and the night , and plain and mountains, land and sea, and man and woman; how beautiful life is. And whether we pursue discovery in the environment at home […]

Hurry up and Wait

One thing I will start to learn in these next six weeks is how to rush and get things done, and then have to wait until the next step. Already I’m beginning to understand the phrase “hurry up and wait.” This morning I flew out of Chicago and to Baltimore to catch a plane to […]

Tent camping in the Yukon

June 25 We now no longer camp for a night but have settled down on earth and forgotten heaven. – Henry David Thoreau Ever since my days as a Boy Scout, I have loved to tent camp. Camping in the Yukon has been a rare feast. Camping on Watson Lake, we fell asleep to the […]

Wildlife beyond words

June 23 Words can’t describe the honor and thrill of our wildlife sightings – a gray wolf, black bears, a bull moose, stone sheep, bison, and even a mother grizzly nursing her cubs.

Summer solstice beings total daylight

June 21 The function of man is to live, not to exist. – Jack London We’ve been thinking a lot about Jack London here in the Yukon. We re-read his book, Call of the Wild, and will visit his house in Dawson City. Summer solstice is a big deal up here. It marks 24 hours […]

Huge ice cliffs in Hudson Bay

June 22 Perception is not reality. That ice cliff on the horizon isn’t really there. One of my last duties before leaving for this summer sabbatical was to speak at our Honors Convocation as part of commencement weekend.  The title I chose for my talk was Ensuring Perception is Not Reality.  I reminded our graduates […]

Where the Churchill River meets Hudson Bay

June 20  In the Polar zone, the assault is immediate and sudden and, unlike the insidious fatality of hot countries, produces its results rapidly. –Elisha Kent Kane, Arctic Explorer

On the wilderness train to Hudson Bay

June 18  We all arrived in different ships, but we are in the same boat now. — Martin Luther King, Jr. A long journey fosters new friendships.

Finding perspective in the wilderness

June 11 As one who has often felt this need, and who has found refreshment in wild places, I attest to the recreational value of wilderness. – George D Aiken, U.S. Senator and Founder of Eastern Wilderness

Nature helps shed worries

June 9 My daddy used to tell me not to chew on something that’s eating you. – Cormac McCarthy, All the Pretty Horses As a college president, I often worry. I worry about the welfare of the college. I worry about our employees and our students. I sometimes think that I am paid to worry […]