The worldwide Augustana College experience

Chasing a Castle

September 30, 2011: Missie and I are in Salzburg! What should we do? Let’s go to the Mirabel Palace Gardens to start off our day. And here we are–there is a castle on a mountain! Let’s take a moment and stare in awe. There’s a castle in Salzburg? Unfathomable! Well, on the other hand, this […]

Bizarre Occurences

This isn’t the update with the castle adventure (that’s currently in the works, so watch out for it!).  However, this weekend has been more than interesting. It’s been absolutely bizarre.

Vienna and Salzburg (in pictures)

Here is a collection of a lot of my pictures taken in Vienna and Salzburg. They are a bit out of order, since I went to Salzburg in the middle of my trip, but I’ll do my best to write where each picture is!  Also, I apologize if the pictures are blurry. I tried to […]

Venturing through Vienna

I am back from Vienna, finally. Almost everything went wrong on Tuesday. First, the website gave me the wrong train information, so instead of the train going to Nürnberg, it was going to Frankfurt, and Nürnberg was not listed as a stop. So Mary, Missie and I hop on a train to Salzburg, hoping that […]

Term Break = Traveling

A brief update for shifty Internet connection. I’m on Term Break in Wittenberg, meaning that I am free to travel Europe! I chose Vienna, Wien, for my destination. So far, I’ve pleasant things to say. On Wednesday, Mary, Missie and I took the train from Wittenberg to Munich (yes, I have bragging rights: I was […]