The worldwide Augustana College experience

Angelina called… She wants her lips back.

Blog #4 ½ February 24, 2011 Granada, Nicaragua Besides the heat, our group is adjusting well to the change of climate and scenery.  A scattering of coughing has infiltrated our group to affect a few, but for the most part, we’re all optimistically healthy. Though my collegiate indulgence in a facial piercing has taken a […]

Code Green: Grenada.

Blog #5 February 25, 2011 Granada, Nicaragua If the political situation of Nicaragua could be paralleled to a medical emergency room code, it would be a Code Green: internal disaster, with little hope of resuscitation at the present moment.  It’s dire. The country is led under the clenched-fisted rule of the Sandinista President Daniel Ortega, […]

Some like it hot.

Blog #4 February 24, 2011 Granada, Nicaragua Woof. Nothing says “Good Morning, NICARAGUA!” quite like the dull ache of a 6 am wake-up call and the sight of heat literally rolling off our bodies. Yep, there it rolls… It is futile to say that this country is HOT, but here I go anywhere: Hace color! […]

“Give me your tears, gypsy!”

Blog #3 February 23, 2011 Hotel Bosque Las Nubes, Nicaragua You know those rare moments in life, that at their core, thrust you into a heightened sense of awareness of the world and force you to question your ideologies, and at their most cliché, are oftentimes given the title of “life-changing”?  Welcome to one of […]

Sandinista in the Marriage Bed

Day #2 February 21, 2011 Hotel Bosque, Managua, Nicaragua Let’s be honest: you can’t truly say “que sabrosa” and mean it until you’ve tried the food Nicaragua has to offer. Shish kebabs, piles of rice, small fruit pies that have strange names and delicious flavors… It is All Sorts of Wonderful. We just arrived at Hotel […]

Que Sabrosa!

Day #1 O’Hare Airport, Chicago, IL 9:44 am, Feb. 20, 2011 Finally the time has come! We are but mere hours away from setting foot in Nicaragua. But meanwhile, in the bustling mist of the Chicago terminal…  Beside me a woman in the tender throes of old age bops her head to the beat of […]

I’ve taken 1,078 pictures in Australia…

…and there are no signs of stopping. Yep, I’ve already almost exhausted an 8GB memory card. No worries, though…I got a 4GB backup for Cairns/Great Barrier Reef trip coming up this weekend! Can you dig it? I’m definitely excited to wrap up the internship experience and get some serious relaxation and sun in before heading […]

I never want to leave!

Last week was very eventful! Carly and I decided to not waste a night and go out to a different place every night that we had never been before! On Sunday we went to the Chinese New Years parade and then went to Darling Harbour where we saw fireworks and checked out Choi Bar.  On […]

Australia Day 2011 to Internship..s

Hi America, It’s a been a while and I’ve neglected you…but Australia has my undivided attention at the moment! I finally started my internships (yes, plural) and have been hard at work 8 hours a day, 4 days per week. It’s not so much that the jobs are hard, but adjusting to work culture from […]