The worldwide Augustana College experience

Cedi’s Bead Village

This past Friday our art class took a trip to Cedi’s Bead Village, which was about a 2 hour drive from our hotel in Accra. It was a pretty uneventful drive, that is until we got to the last 10 or so minutes which consisted of driving along a rocky dirt road which felt similar […]

More Fun in Accra

Akwaaba and welcome back! Since my first update, our list of valuable experiences has continued to grow. When we first toured Accra, I remember being extremely disoriented. Now, it feels as though we have a good idea of the layout of the area and can navigate fairly easily through town. Over the past week and […]

slap happy dehydration

hello readers! First of all I want to thank all of you for your lovely comments on my blog…getting them really brightens my day (even though is pretty bright here already) Anyways, down to business.  This is my third week in Accra and it feels much longer.  By now I feel used to the the […]

Anani School Visit

On Friday we visited a school in Nima, Ghana. As soon as we walked into the school house the children were up on their seats, clapping and so incredibly excited to see us. They had prepared for us a program full of songs, dancing, recitations, and even a play. The school caters to children in […]

Bitik-ing at Aba House

This past Wednesday we took a field trip with our art class to the Aba House nearby on the coast. Aba is an American woman who takes in young kids and teaches them some sort of artisan trade so that they do not have to just beg on the streets for money. They make paper […]

Lakes, Rivers and Drums

            Things have been going fantastic here in Accra, Ghana.  Every day I meet more people, and every day I realize how different it is here compared to the United States.  In the past few days since I last blogged, a lot has happened…             We got to take another tour of some different things […]

I <3 Ghana

hello all…J Uhlir reporting to you all from my hotel in Accra!!! Ghana is amazing…I can’t describe in words how blessed I feel to be here.  I love the people, their openness and compassion, the feeling of unity and spirituality in everything they do. I feel like this last week has gone by so quickly, and […]

One week down..eight to go

It’s hard to believe one week has almost passed. In reality our journey throughout West Africa is just beginning, but it seems the group has already experienced so much. By now, we are becoming pretty familiar with the hotel and its surroundings. The group completed a city tour of Accra on Wednesday and traveled north […]

First Weekend in Accra

This Saturday we went on a group day trip to the Kofuridia Eastern Region and saw the Akosambo Dam and the Aburi Gardens.  It ended up being about a 2 hour bus ride out, but it was peppered with beautiful views of Ghana. We’ve been visiting areas in Accra that are very urban–seeing museums and […]

City Tour of Accra, Ghana

I have to admit that the first thought the sprung into my mind upon getting off the plane in the Accra airport was ‘man it is HOT!’ Which has continued to be the case.  It is typically in the upper 80’s or in the 90’s, but in addition to the intense Ghana sun, the humidity […]