The worldwide Augustana College experience

Australia Day!

Tuesday was Australia Day, and that was definitely an experience for us! First, we went to a pub where we had crocodile, emu and kangaroo sandwiches. Never in my life have I ever thought I’d eat crocodile, but was pleasantly surprised by it. If any of you are wondering what it tastes like, many of […]

Sydney has a Palm Beach

Another week gone by in Sydney.  Our internships are well under-way as it is the beginning of our third week with them.  To me it seems like it’s going by fast, we only have about 5 weeks left before the Spring Break.  Speaking of Spring Break, I’ve made up many plans within these next few […]

Festivals, Footie, and Fun

Hello again everyone, it is our second week through and now it seems like it is going by quick.  Since my last writing, the Sydney Festival began, which is basically a month long event of music, arts, and culture shows around the Sydney area.  The opening first night was a large one, with tons of […]

Working Down Under

Another week down in Sydney and we’re still having so many new experiences! The bus system continues to be difficult to figure out as we explore different beaches, and other areas of Sydney. Yesterday, it took many of us a couple hours to get to Bronte Beach since we could not figure what bus actually […]

G’day Mates!

Hello from Down Under! Sitting in a cafe right now. It’s an absolutely beautiful day and my roomie and I along with some others from the group are currently debating on which beach to go to. It’s such a struggle being here 😉 Started my internship on Monday. I’m at the Lizard Children’s Centre in […]

The Beginning of Life in Sydney

Ah, we are finally here in Sydney.  A week has gone by already, but it seems like we have been here for longer than that.  Not that it is a bad thing, but we had a lot of experiences already fit into that first week. When we got to the apartments, we quickly roamed around […]

Hello from the land down under!

Hi Everyone! Hope you’re all surviving the snowstorm back home 🙁 Arriving in Sydney was hectic and a little chaotic. After traveling for 24 hours I don’t think any of us were functioning on all cylinders. But we managed to make it to our apartments just fine. So far on the trip we’ve done a […]

Sydney So Far Mates

We’ve only been in Sydney a few days, but we’ve already seen so much! Being in a different country is most weird feeling ever with a mixture of emotions. The first thing we noticed immediately when we got here were the fact that the cars were driving on opposite sides of the road. Which, believe […]