The worldwide Augustana College experience

Some Closure

I don’t know how begin the ending of my trip. Essentially, this was amazing. I went to Vienna from Nov. 2-6th and London from the 7-11th. Vienna is gorgeous. I will live there someday, I feel. The viennese are well known for their kindness, but kindness is an understatement. The simplest of things show you […]

Przeworsk and Prague

Last weekend I went to Przeworsk where my family lives. Przeworsk is a small town to the east of poland, just outside of Ukraine. It takes about 3 hours to get there by train but the trip is well worth it. All I did was eat and talk polish! They really know how to treat […]

The Return

My closing recommendations for anyone considering studying abroad (particularly to develop his/her foreign language ability):

1) Do it.

2) Stay with a host family if you can and learn everything that you can from them.

3) Travel alone or with someone you know will make the trip better. Anyone else can take away from the experience.

4) Don’t be apprehensive about speaking to people (specifically in Germany. They will help you).

5) Be open-minded, try everything, and revel in the idea that you could not see/taste/do those things anywhere else.

“When you say ‘I want to go to America,’ I say ‘Good luck!'”

The hardest languages in the world must be Chinese, some african click tongue, and then Polish. But even if you know one of the first two languages, you’ll still have problems with polish. There are so many ways to say one thing. For instance, there are three ways to say “I am going.” and all […]


Change is unavoidable. It can be good, it can be bad, it can be both. The key to change is whether you resist it or welcome it. I know I have welcomed changed on this trip, but how? I can do my best to answer now, but at this moment I don’t feel I can […]


¡Hola from España! Classes officially ended last week…and now we´ve got free time to travel. So… Alex, Joe, and I thought it would be fun to go to yet another country where we don´t speak the language: SPAIN!