The worldwide Augustana College experience

München Oktoberfest

Disclaimer: This post contains information about Beer. All those offended, get over it and soak up some of the culture already! Hello world! How’s it going? Same old? That’s not bad. Oh, me? Yeah, well, I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I just went to see one of the coolest, most world renowned […]


Dzien Dobry! Czy Pani mowi po angielsku? I’m finally in Poland! After a brutal nine hour flight to Warsaw and a quick 45 minute shaky flight to Krakow, then a 20 minute ride on a shuttle bus, followed by a 20 minute ride on a train, then a 25 minute tram ride to Piastowska Street, and […]

Fussball and the Weekend

Fussball (or soccer, for those who might not know) is probably the single most popular sport in the world, and after 5 weeks in Germany, I have yet to play Fussball. How is this possible? I do not hold it against them, but my guest family somehow does not like Fussball. I had previously thought […]

Getting Sick in a Foreign Country.

Last spring Dr. Bertsche said that ALL of us were going to get sick at some point in time while on this trip—foreign travel has not only risks, but some inevitability. I didn’t believe him because I rarely get sick and was convinced that I have a super-human immune system. Whelp, with my foot in […]

I live by the groove!

Good day everyone,      I believe it is now the end of week five for everyone back at Augie…which means I time here in Wittenberg is about half-over 🙁 I think I finally have gotten into the swing of things. I get up, eat breakfast, ride my bike to school, learn and learn some more, […]

New (old) Family and the Marathon

So I took a trip to Berlin last weekend to visit and really meet my great uncle Guenter for the first time. Train tickets are expensive, but I got to Berlin for about 40 Euro, and I made it without any trouble.  My uncle and his girlfriend Henriette of 19 years picked me up promptly […]

A Bit about German Culture

So here is an interesting tidbit: Germans are straight forward. This bit of information is something I’ve known for quite some time. I’ve studied it since high school. I’ve been here once before. I’ve experienced it. I feel as though I should be used to it. I’m not. In English, we fiddle around with words […]

Turn me on to Electric Feel…

In the words of George Santayana, a traveler must possess fixed interests and facilities to be served by travel.  By having these fixed beliefs, people carry with them these stereotypes of different cultures and ethnicities.  As stereotypes go, most people view German culture as being just about beer, sausage, and lederhosen.  But as you begin […]

A Post of Pictures

A Weekend of Learning

So, after having been on numerous trips with our professor on various weekends, it was finally our turn as learning students to explore and travel on our own. This weekend, a group of six of us decided on Wednesday that we wanted to go to Berlin for the weekend, starting the very next day. Lesson […]