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Another English Camp

Hello again!  This is going to be short because I’m waking up early tomorrow to go to the beach, but I had such an amazing day today that I just had to tell you about it! Today at my school was another English camp, this time for the 6th graders.  I was teaching Sign Language […]

Out and About in Bangkok

Hello again! Life has been pretty good around here lately. Not too much going on, but it’s been nice to have a few days to relax. Sunday we slept in and hung out around the house which was wonderful!  Then in the evening, Maggie, Crystal, and I went to MBK, one of the big shopping […]

What a Weekend!

There is never a shortage of chaos and surprises here in Bangkok and this weekend was no exception. We visited a floating market in Pathaya on Friday.  The name was quite deceiving as there wasn’t much there that was actually floating.  While shopping, I decided to purchase a popsicle and decided on the “mixed fruit” […]

A few thoughts…

“Speech pathology,” I said. “You mean you study speech therapy?” Chuwanna asked. “Yes,” I replied.  “I want to help people who have difficulties talking to others people.  Especially children.” The English teacher replied in her broken English, “Oh yes, we have many of those here at the school.  Many children with many problems.  They are […]

Weekend in Chiang Mai!

Hello again! Sorry I haven’t updated in awhile, I had quite a busy weekend!  On Friday all of the CCS volunteers visited the Grand Palace and some other Bangkok tourist spots.  The grand palace is where the King usually lives (he’s sick right now so he’s not currently living there).  We had a great tour […]


Hey everybody! By popular demand, this is going to be a photo blog! And to answer someone’s question the Thai word for penguin is pengueen!  They are the same!  Pretty cool, huh?  This is about the only word I have found (besides “donut”) that is the same in both languages. And also thank you to […]

I’m a Local Celebrity!

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for- I started working at my volunteer placement! If were not aware or have simply forgotten, my volunteer assignment was to teach English at a local public school.  There was one other person assigned to work at the school from my group- his name is Joon and he […]

Public Transportation Extravaganza!

If you’ve never been on an old bus, fast subway, sky train, water taxi, and tuk-tuk all in one day, I highly suggest it.  Today was our public transportation training day.  We learned how to use the many various forms of public transportation in Bangkok which was a lot of fun but totally exhausting. The […]

Rubbin’ elbows with the Buddha

Hello again! Just got home from a night out shopping at a night market.  It was so much fun!  After all of our activities today (more on that later), we had a free evening to do whatever we wanted, so another girl named Maggie and I decided we wanted to hunt down the local pool […]

Thailand- Safe and Sound

Hello again!  Writing to you this time from exotic Bangkok! This morning was fairly uneventful-woke up, packed, then Natalie picked me up from the Y and we took a cab to the airport where I got on a plane headed for THAILAND!!! (Btw Natalie, I did find the Baakwa (?) at the airport but forgot […]