The worldwide Augustana College experience

A Sailors Life For Me

Who ever said the time flys when you are having fun has obviously never been sailing in the Whitsundays.  Our internships ended last week and we all started getting ready for our spring break trip that we have been anticipating for the last 2 months.  A group of about 15 of us decided to go […]


This week, lets see.  We are in Hanoi, and it is a really crowded city.  We got here on Thursdaywe saw the Hanoi Hilton, which is the POW camp that john McCain was at for 4 to 5 years. On Friday we took a trip to the perfume pagoda.  It is a Buddhist Temple that […]

10 People…1 House Boat…No Captain

Last weekend a group of 10 of us rented a large house boat and went cruising around the closest rivers and canals north of Sydney. With none of us having any formal boat training we were a little anxious to see how we would do with a several hundred thousand dollar boat that was just […]

The Wet-Sundays….

Greetings from Hue!

On the 11th we left Saigon for Hue. We took a fairly small plane and it was a pretty rough landing! Luckily, we made it! Our hotel in Hue is absolutely amazing–as the slogan says, it definitely “exceeds expectations!” For those who are curious, you can check it out at: . Although I absolutely love […]

Hello from Hue

Its been really busy around here after changing cities and hitting the ground running. So here is a breif overveiw of all the happenings in Hue. On our first real day in town we took cyclo rides to the Citadel and a local Garden. While at the Citadel the son of a Japanese princess was […]

Delta Blues

This weekend was probably one of the longest and most interesting weekends of my life. We made our way to the Mekong Delta this weekend stopping intermittently through the trip to experience what life is like in the delta. The first experience we had was by boat (fitting for the Delta) where we got to […]


Hi Everybody! So, we are officially in Hue now!  Hue is located in central Vietnam, and the temperature is much more moderate here.  That is, its about 80 degrees here instead of in the 90’s.  But we got to the city around 5:00 this evening.  Driving through it, it seemed much more relaxed than Saigon.  […]

Surf’s Up Dude!

G’Day Mates! Our newest adventure here in the Land Down Under was Mojo Surf Camp. The surf camp was a six hour bus ride to Crescent Head Beach. It was a unique experience because the two day camp allowed us 15 hours of surfing on a beach to ourselves. We arrived to Crescent Head on […]

So long Saigon; Hue here we come!

Hello! This past weekend was spent traveling to the Mekong Delta. Words cannot even describe what I saw and experienced. The weather was perfect (high 80s) and we were able to take a boat ride up and down the river. We saw the floating markets, where all of this fresh produce is sold. We also […]