The worldwide Augustana College experience

Where the Buffalo Roam: Custer State Park

During my first week here in Custer State Park, a herd of 50 buffalo was grazing outside of my dormitory. It was a quiet early morning- no one was outside except me. I walked out of my dormitory, which is a single-story military trailer, and headed towards the trail to work when suddenly, as I passed the end of the […]

A bike ride to bad news

The tragedy in Poland

Fat Thursday (Tłusty Czwartek)

So many things have happened since I last wrote. I went to France for Christmas and new years. In France, I ate goat brain and clams for the first time. I saw thousands of bunnies on the side of the road in the middle of the night. I bought crepes at crepe stands. I drank […]

Guiness Records and Mountains

On Wednesday last week, my English friends (from England) and I had the opportunity to see a man from Zimbabwe attempt to start to break a world record for Guiness. This isn’t any ordinary record (none of them are anyways). In fact, its a bit unbelievable. The record is for the longest lecture. Sounds pretty […]

Przeworsk and Prague

Last weekend I went to Przeworsk where my family lives. Przeworsk is a small town to the east of poland, just outside of Ukraine. It takes about 3 hours to get there by train but the trip is well worth it. All I did was eat and talk polish! They really know how to treat […]

“When you say ‘I want to go to America,’ I say ‘Good luck!'”

The hardest languages in the world must be Chinese, some african click tongue, and then Polish. But even if you know one of the first two languages, you’ll still have problems with polish. There are so many ways to say one thing. For instance, there are three ways to say “I am going.” and all […]

Walking through 1000 years

This morning, I walked through a 1000 year old castle to get to school. And before that, I walked right past the exact spot where Pope John Paul II appeared in Błonia Park even though he was prohibited from doing so by the communist regime. And from that same spot, you can see the mound […]


Dzien Dobry! Czy Pani mowi po angielsku? I’m finally in Poland! After a brutal nine hour flight to Warsaw and a quick 45 minute shaky flight to Krakow, then a 20 minute ride on a shuttle bus, followed by a 20 minute ride on a train, then a 25 minute tram ride to Piastowska Street, and […]