The worldwide Augustana College experience

Some Closure

I don’t know how begin the ending of my trip. Essentially, this was amazing. I went to Vienna from Nov. 2-6th and London from the 7-11th. Vienna is gorgeous. I will live there someday, I feel. The viennese are well known for their kindness, but kindness is an understatement. The simplest of things show you […]

The Return

My closing recommendations for anyone considering studying abroad (particularly to develop his/her foreign language ability):

1) Do it.

2) Stay with a host family if you can and learn everything that you can from them.

3) Travel alone or with someone you know will make the trip better. Anyone else can take away from the experience.

4) Don’t be apprehensive about speaking to people (specifically in Germany. They will help you).

5) Be open-minded, try everything, and revel in the idea that you could not see/taste/do those things anywhere else.


¡Hola from España! Classes officially ended last week…and now we´ve got free time to travel. So… Alex, Joe, and I thought it would be fun to go to yet another country where we don´t speak the language: SPAIN!

On the Way Out

Today is my last full day in Wittenberg.


Sorry for not writing in a while everyone – but things are a little tense here. To begin, Amsterdam was absolutely amazing. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met were there, and everyone spoke flawless English. You would never know that they were Dutch. I have found that the Dutch language is extremely close […]

Language Days

I’ve noticed in my own development of the German language that there are good days and there are bad days.

Things I Have Noticed

This is going to be a blog of observations I’ve made while in Germany.

German Products

So. Naturally after being here awhile, one tends to run out of the essentials such as shampoo and toothpaste. My take so far on the differences… interesting. Honestly, just about whatever we have in the states, can be found here in Germany. However, trying to get the full experience, I decided to buy the actual […]

A Post of Random

So, I wrote down in my notebook awhile ago about an instance that I thought was funny. Upon re-reading it, I’ve decided to share it with all of you. Germans are orderly people. That is simply how it is. Germans aren’t an (as I have come to know them) abruptly outspoken group of people. They […]

I fought the law and the law one…and got 15 Euros out of me

It’s official, I broke German law — and like pretty much everyone — had no idea what I did wrong. You know how the officer always approaches you and asks “Do you know why I stopped you?” And then you’re always like “No idea…” and then it turns out to be something completely ridiculous?? I.E. […]