The worldwide Augustana College experience

Hello! My name is Sara Baugh and I will be a junior environmental studies major in the fall at Augustana. I am really excited to be assisting Dr. Kurt Burnham and other members of the high Arctic Institute this summer in Thule, Greenland. As part of the team, I will be assisting with capturing, handling, banding, and measuring, and collecting blood and feather samples from more than 25 different bird species in the area. This is going to be an amazing experience and I am excited to share it.

Adventures in Greenland

The team at Thule has had a lot of exciting adventures recently! In the past few weeks we have gone camping, explored an abandoned village, seen another polar bear, and have been productive in our bird surveys and in recapturing birds with geolocators. Last week we camped out at a location called Booth Sound where […]

Polar Bears and Puffins

The High Arctic Institute team has finally been able to get our boat out onto the water here at Thule. This means we have been taking short day trips out to islands such as Saunders and the Witches Tit to collect data from Black-Legged Kittiwakes and Atlantic Puffins. We have been aiming to catch previously […]

you have to be fit to catch a falcon

 Even though I’ve only been at the Thule air base for a little over a week, I have already learned so much. I learned how to set small bird traps, how to measure wings, tails and beaks, how to put together blood sampling kits, and even how to drive stick shift and play Danish pin […]

Setting up in Thule, Greenland

I have been at the Thule air base in Greenland for two days now and it is already starting to feel like home. I flew in yesterday morning on a C17 military aircraft. The plane ride was not like your standard commercial flight. The inside looked like what I imagine spaceships to look like and […]