The worldwide Augustana College experience

Feeling Jamaica

This last week in Jamaica has got me to feel more and more what Jamaica is about. Through its people, through experiences, but even more importantly, through it education system. While the schools are modeled after the British system of education, it was different because the students had different goals, but they were still learning […]

The people of Jamaica

The stay at the great huts has been a great adventure, not just in the places that we went but really experiencing the people of the island. We started out our stay by going to the market. When walking through the back of the market, we found a women there that we started talking to. […]

Being a tourist

The resort is interesting. I have found it hard to be a tourist while here. Not because I am not enjoying it, but because I know of so much of the history and current situation of the island that I am too educated to be a tourist. We talked about how the island has many […]