The worldwide Augustana College experience

Redemption Song

Journal #3: Alpha Boys School The last week of our trip, we had the wonderful experience of working with the Alpha schools teachers and students. Thinking back on the entire trip, I have uncovered so many of my own assumptions and have definitely changed my ideas on what it means to teach and why I […]

One Love

Journal #2: the Great Huts As soon as we began our journey to the Great Huts, I was taken aback by the beauty of Jamaica. We drove through the mountains and the trees, ocean, rocks, etc. were incredible. At the Great Huts, we really got to embrace the beauty of the nature, the ocean, sunrises, […]

Smile Jamaica

Journal #1: jewel Runaway Bay: Staying at the resort was wonderful. From the minute we arrived, we were given everything we desired. It was like living in royalty. The beach was beautiful, the trees were great, the rooms were wonderful, the pools and hot tubs were nice too. We heard music from the top 40 […]